MED TEST II Innovation Bazaar

14 Nov 2018
Auditorium Francesc Cambó Auditorium Pau Gil

MED TEST II Innovation Bazaar

Meet more than 20 SMEs applying impactful Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production approaches. In an innovative and interactive format, SMEs from the southern Mediterranean countries which have been supported by the MED TEST II component will present their businesses and green strategies.


  • Nick Spicer, Reporter and News Presenter
  • Amy Serafin is an editor in chief and journalist

Introduction on MED TEST II by:

  • Roberta De Palma, Chief Technical Adviser, Industrial Resource Efficiency Unit, Department of Environment at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization


    • AMA, Morocco
    • Afrique Cables, Morocco
    • PIF, Morocco
    • Cochepa, Morocco
    • NewAmico, Tunisia
    • NOEL, Tunisia
    • MAKLADA, Tunisia
    • SAIF, Tunisia
    • ABCO, Tunisia
    • Boukellal Algeria
    • Gipates
    • Farm Frits, Egypt
    • BARIQ, Egypt
    • ABCO group Egypt
    • Kafrit, Israel
    • Farm Dairy, Jordan
    • Jordan Valley, Jordan
    • Siniora, Palestine
    • Al Hijaz, Palestine
    • Malco, Lebanon
    • Skaff Dairy, Lebanon
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