Ben Menadi Yassine

Ben Menadi Yassine



Have completed an applied License in biotechnology degree, biomolecules specialty and a professional master’s degree with a specialization in industrial development of health products in the Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Sidi Thabet, during my graduation I acquired all the basics for biotechnology oriented towards the pharmaceutical industry it allowed me to discover the world of biotechnology and the fact that something with the size of micro meter is able to make great things.

Since then I aimed to be among those who will develop biotechnology in Tunisia.
After my graduation I founded Pharma Life, a retail company specialized in the sales and promotion of Para-pharmaceutical products. During my 3 years working there as a manager, I developed the company and made it growth till handing over it to have the opportunity to continue studding and to have the opportunity to reach what I aimed for.
This working experience acquired me field experience, managing skills and the opportunity to build a company from scratch.
Furthermore, I decided to get an engineering degree in Biotechnology Engineering of the School of Engineering Polytechnic Private Sousse.
The decision to resume my study was based on two facts:

  • The first was to have the rank of engineer which was relevant to me
  • The second was that the engineering degree will make it easier for me to make my new company.

Work experience:

During my studies I was able to acquire skills that was improved during my several internships inside the laboratories where I worked
I made many internships inside The Pasteur Institute of Tunis, which allowed me to master laboratory practices (GLP) and various molecular biology techniques (Western blot, ELISA, RNA extraction, RT-PCR, Q-PCR).

In addition, I carried out various internships at the Research Institute for Development in Marseilles, Aix-Marseille University, which enabled him to manage researches in the laboratory related to Fermentation in Solid state:

  • Production of bio pesticides, Development of a bio fermenter based in Solid State Fermentation
  • HPLC analyzes, enzymatic assays (cellulases, lipases, chitinases).
  • Preparation of a study on Pierce’s Disease (Xylella fastidiosa) for the development of a biopesticide product.

Nowadays and since 2017, I’m working on setting up BioIntrants Technologie, an agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology company, The first factory in Tunisia which aims to produce an organo-minerals solid complex fertilizer and a new generation of bio-stimulants and bio-pesticides based on micro-organisms.

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