Scaling-up Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production

14 Nov 2018
Auditorium Francesc Cambó Auditorium Pau Gil

Scaling-up Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production

“How adoption of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) can transform the economic and environmental outlook of the whole manufacturing sector and which leverages can boost scaling up of RECP in South Mediterranean countries – panel discussion with experts and representatives from public and private sectors”.


    Vladimir Dobes, TEST Senior Advisor at UNIDO

Presentation by: 

    David Assaf, Head of the Environment Division, Ministry of Economy and Industry, Israel


  • Abdelkader Fergui, General Manager, National Center for Cleaner Production Technologies, Algeria
  • Miroslav Maly, Associate Director, Green Economy Financing Facilities Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Team, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • Mark Goedkoop, Founder of PRé, The Netherlands
  • Seloua Amaziane, Director, Partnership, Communication, and Cooperation Division, Delegated Ministry of Environment, Morocco
  • Giovanna Ceglie, UNIDO Representative and Director Regional office MENA
  • Samy Awad, General Manager, ABCO Group Egypt
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